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I always think that medical personnel are the most non prejudice in every respect, because that’s kind of the nature of what we do. We are diagnosticians. Our minds work like Sherlock Holmes, we take all of the evidence before us to come up with a diagnosis and a treatment plan. If major parts of that are missing, it’s going to throw our diagnosis off.


If you are not able to be completely open, and trusting of your provider you really need to seek another provider. Other providers miss certain things because they assume ‘I had a case one time that this individual went to the emergency room three different times with a sore throat.’ The patient then leaves with antibiotics’.

That same patient comes to my office, I know that they are participating in a lot of oral sex and I said, could this be gonorrhea of the throat.

We made that diagnosis and the patient received the proper treatment and they were cured for that.

That’s the advantage you get when you do have a provider that’s up on LGTBQ care.